Welcome to Weightless, Wonderful, Woman where I am choosing the good, for Me.  This blog is going to chronicle my attempts at weight management, being healthier, and keeping and spreading body positivity.  I am going on this journey for myself.

In this blog I am holding myself accountable in a way I have never tried before.  I’ve tried apps, programs, exercising, and so many other things to control my weight and my overall health.  I have plenty of obstacles, I do have a medical reason for being overweight (a brain tumor), I live in an area experts call a “Food Desert,” and I have extra fun financial issues (because of medical and educational choices). Even though these things can be tough, I still want to be healthy.

Keep in mind this is a struggle, keep in mind I am not perfect, and keep in mind any negative comments will be deleted and ignored.  I interact with 600+ people daily.  I have PLENTY of opinions coming from these people, negative or otherwise.  Encouragement, Likes, Follows, and Kind Words are all helpful ways to encourage me on my goal towards a healthier me!